How To Find Good Makeup Brushes

MMC supports individuals that LOVE makeup but wish it was LESS expensive.

MMC supports individuals that LOVE makeup but wish it was LESS expensive.

Having good makeup brushes makes the biggest difference in your makeup, that's a fact and all the big makeup artists know this. But they all use different brushes because it essentially boils down to preference. You can buy a very expensive makeup brush but you might not like it because it just doesn't suit you. You might be happier with a less expensive ones. After all, finding the right brush is a matter of trial and error. Here, we will tell you the major things to look for when finding a brush so you know it at least meets some standards.


The bristles should feel soft and shouldn’t irritate your skin especially if you have sensitive skin like me. There are natural brushes and synthetic brushes. Natural brushes are made up of animal hair. Synthetic bristles are manmade. Not all natural brushes are cruelty-free; if you are a believer of a cruelty-free world like us, we would suggest going with synthetic bristles. Taklon Synthetic bristles are good quality and soft.


It honestly depends on the purpose of the brush, too dense is not necessarily a good thing! The denser the brush, the more makeup product it picks up. You always have to tap off the loose excess before applying but you end up wasting more makeup.

Powder, foundation and concealer brushes need to be packed densely. They all require a good amount of makeup product. Some of your eyeshadow brushes need to be dense as well like the wing liner. When you apply your eyeliner, you want to do it in one stroke for consistency. You need to get more makeup product to do that. A blush brush doesn't have to be dense because you don't want too much blush on. These are the minor differences are what makes a makeup brush good!


The bristles could be soft and dense but if it sheds a lot, don’t buy it. All brushes shed but if the brush is of lower quality, they'll shed faster than others. Lower quality brushes don't compact the bristles and glue it properly. You can try pulling a bristles and see how much it sheds, if it's more than 2-3 bristles, then it's not good.

Brushes are manufactured in two ways; machine made and handmade. Machine made brushes have a higher rate of shedding. They aren't given the attention they deserve and are usually lower in price.

Handmade brushes shed less, they are properly glued and tested for quality before moving on to the next phase. They are a bit more expensive but they will last you longer than the machine made ones. Companies usually inform you if the brushes are handmade.


Brushes are tailored for different functionality and should be shaped accordingly. This is especially important for eye brushes. The shape makes all the difference. A blending brush should be dome-shaped and fluffy, it makes blending makeup easier and smoother. For crease makeup, you need a smaller eye brush. For smudging, a flat paddle brush works amazing! For hard to reach areas, you might need a pointed brush, it lets you reach those areas with ease!


The brushes material, density and shape determines how well a brush applies makeup. There are brushes that will use way too much product since they absorb the makeup. Sadly, you can only find out how well a brush applies makeup by using it. But normally, if the brush is made out of good material, is dense and shaped appropriately, it will apply makeup amazingly!


Everyone has their own preference when it comes to makeup brushes. There’s no definite answer. You might not even like the expensive makeup brushes. But one thing to keep in mind is that makeup brushes are disposable. Keep your high spending on makeup products and buy good, affordable brushes. You know what to look out for now!